Sustainability is our business


Off-cuts from salmon were regarded as waste – at best animal feed.


We are transforming yesterday’s waste into high value health nutritional products for people and pets.


The compounds of our products can form the basis of new medicine.

Hofseth BioCare reports on renowned ESG-standard

Hofseth BioCare’s first sustainability report in accordance with the GRI Standards core option was delivered in 2020.

CEO Roger Hofseth on our ESG-work

Focus areas

We maintain a constant preoccupation with what factors drive sustainability impact. Our 2020 Materiality Assessment, which included interviews with in-house and external stakeholders, led us to conclude that our sustainability reporting should focus on two areas. The objectives encompassed by these focus areas we pursue every day:

Environment and climate impact
Working environment

Plus products

Today, production and supply chains generate an enormous amount of waste. Hofseth BioCare’s products are based on by-products from aquaculture, which would otherwise be considered waste. By finding new use for these products, we minimize waste and contribute to upcycling and the efficient use of resources.

How it's done