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Hofseth BioCare’s unique approach to pharmaceutical research

Dr Bomi Framroze has served as Chief Scientific Officer of Hofseth BioCare since 2010. He has over 60 worldwide patents and publications in life sciences and chemical research.

Our future medicine is present in salmonids

To underline the potential he is unfolding in his research, he compares it to how penicillin was discovered:

“Living systems contain a tremendous amount of compounds that have potential therapeutic effects. Take penicillin as an example. It was found in fungus, its function was to protect the fungus from bacterial attack.”

A revolution in medicine happened because sir Alexander Fleming in 1928 by chance discovered this function.

“We have the same approach to salmon as Fleming had to fungus, we look for “unknown” compounds in salmonids that have therapeutic effect.”

Bomi Framroze
I cooperate with some of the best medical universities and hospitals in the world. They want to work with us because they can clearly see what I see: Clear evidence of great pharmaceutical potential in our products. Dr. Bomi Framroze Chief Scientific Officer

Different from conventional pharmaceutical research

“In conventional pharmaceutical research, pharmacologists start with a disease and consider what mode of action could be causing it.”

Instead of starting with the disease and working backwards, Hofseth BioCare starts with the a collection of compounds. And because the products are all-natural, they can be tested directly in vivo “live” animal models.
Hofseth BioCare’s researchers then look for biomarkers – for changes in the body of that animal that reflect known diseases. This could be inflammatory or changes in protein and/or gene-regulation – each of which has the potential to impact a disease.

“This is how Hofseth BioCare discovered an effect on some critical biomarkers that are modulated by compounds present in Norwegian salmon, including: downstream LDL biomarkers such as oxLDL-GP1 for cardiovascular health; upregulation of the FTH1 gene for iron-deficiency anaemia treatment; and increases in adiponectin levels for healthy weight-loss treatment.”

By taking the opposite approach to pharmaceutical research, Hofseth BioCare has succeeded in jump-starting the process by safely testing in animal models and thereby showing in vivo efficacy from the outset.

“Combined with the much lower toxicity of natural peptides compared with chemical compounds, this has led to drastically reducing the failure rate. The end results are highly effective compounds that quickly proceed to human clinical trials and then to market.”

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