Research & Development

Our research process

We collaborate with leading medical universities and hospitals to uncover how compounds from our bioprocessed marine ingredients can become the medicine of tomorrow.

Dr. Framroze explains our process

Gastrointestinal (GI) Research Program

HBC signed a second research agreement with Stanford University 6 May 2020. The agreement is a continuation of an established research collaboration that has shown promising results. The research program will further investigate the GI-protective properties of SPH / ProGo® in children and adults with GI tract disorders.


Respiratory Research Program

Studies show that salmon oil proteins from Hofseth Biocare can work well for asthma patients. The company is now embarking on a fast track study to document the effect the oil can also help save lives among COVID-19 patients with difficulty breathing.

All research programs

Overview of all our programs
The Hofseth BioCare approach

Why Hofseth Biocare’s unique approach to pharmaceutical research transcends conventional methods

Reaping the benefits

Why Hofseth Biocare is the only company reaping the benefits of a leading-edge process for producing high-end health products

My work is my story. There’s nothing else.

An interview with Dr Bomi Framroze, Chief Scientific Officer of Hofseth Biocare ASA