Privacy & cookies

Hofseth BioCare ASA takes the handling of your privacy seriously. The company’s internal routines ensure that we handle your personal information securely and in accordance with legal requirements. This statement explains why we collect information, how we use it and how we adapt to the privacy protection.

As an important part in creating a user friendly, website we analyze the movements of the people visiting our site. We use Google Analytics when analyzing the information.

Google Analytics uses information cookies (small text files that the web site saves on the user’s computer), that register the user’s IP address and provide information on each user’s movements on the web. Examples of answers the statistics give us is; how many people visit the different pages, how long do they stay, which sites did they come from before they came to our site and which web browsers did they use. None of the cookies enable us to connect information about your use of our website to you as an individual.

The information collected by Google Analytics is saved on Google’s servers in the USA. All information received is subject to Google’s privacy policies.

An IP address is defined as personal information because it can be tracked back to a specific hardware and thus to a specific person. However, Google Analytics’ tracking code anonymize the IP address before the information is saved and processed by Google. Thus, the saved IP address cannot be used to identify specific users.

NameExpires after

Used to

_utma2 yearsUsed to distinguish users and sessions.
_utmb30 minUsed to determine new sessions/visits.
_utmcUntil browser is closedUsed to determine whether the user was in a new session/visit
_utmt10 minUsed to throttle request rate.
_utmz6 monthsStores the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user reached the site.
_ga2 yearsUsed by Google Analytics to distinguish between unique anonymous users – and retrieve information about behavior.
_gid1 dayUsed by Google Analytics to save and update unique information for each page you visit.
LOCALIZATION_NEW1 monthSets correct language based on location.
mbOverride1 weekChecks if the user has overridden the website's display mode.
vimeoshow310 yearsChecks if the user has visited the site before to decide if the startpage video should be displayed or not.