New partnership with the world leading pharmacy company Catalent

Hofseth BioCare has begun a global innovation partnership with Catalent, the end product supplier of many of the worlds Covid19-vaccines. The goal is to encapsule HBC’s OmeGo® all-natural salmon oil in a way that sustains all ingredients.
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Catalent is the leading global provider of delivery technologies and manufacturing solutions for drugs, biologics, cell and gene therapies, and consumer health products.

The partnership will see Catalent use its proprietary OptiGel® DR technology to encapsulate OmeGo®, HBC’s unique fish oil derived from sustainable, traceable, and fresh Norwegian Atlantic salmon. The goal is to develop a delayed-release formulation of HBC’s OmeGo® salmon oil.

OptiGel DR technology enables an enteric release profile for softgel capsules without the need for an additional external coating, thereby employing a one-step manufacturing process, which avoids the heat and drying of the coating process that may otherwise degrade the fish oil.

HBC is currently conducting studies to assess the potential role of OmeGo® salmon oil in preventing disease progression and helping to reduce inflammation, including in patients experiencing inflammation caused by COVID-19.

Results are expected over the coming months and will provide wide-ranging insights on the potential of OmeGo® salmon oil to help the body resolve inflammation driven by a viral infection.

For more information on OptiGel DR, visit supplements/dose-forms/optigel-dr-softgel-technology.