Improved distribution in Europe

Distribution of HBC-products in Europe will improve after new agreement with leading specialty chemicals and ingredients distributor IMCD.

The current relationship with IMCD will now be expanded to include most of Europe and is effective immediately. It marks a significant step in increasing HBC’s potential market opportunities and the ability of consumers to access the recognised benefits of HBC nutritional and nutraceutical grade salmon protein products such as OmeGo®, ProGo® and CalGo®.

An important element to this comprehensive commercial relationship is a focus on how to ensure HBC products are best able to satisfy local needs and expectations in each potential consumer market.

IMCD has already successfully developed a taste masked formulation concept for OmeGo®. Work is now underway on developing similar formulations for CalGo® and ProGo®.

The ultimate aim of the agreement is to develop a comprehensive and complementary HBC specialty product range for all nutraceutical markets around the world.