Healthy dogs have enjoyed more than half a million Brilliant bottles

Brilliant has reached a milestone, as 600.000 bottles is sold. Dogs and their owners all over the world has come to love the Norwegian salmon oil.

Dogs and their owners are in full agreement: Brilliant Salmon Oil lives up to its brand, they find it brilliant.

– A lot of dog owners reach out to us in utter excitement, to express the many positive effects of Brilliant. Shinier fur, stronger paws and more energy are among the most common feedback we get. I am very proud that more and more dogs are able to enjoy our oil and live healthier lives, says Head of Commercial Excellence, Kai Morten Thuen.

Consumers find that the fresh taste of salmon will help increase the pet’s appetite. The oil does not smell, and comes in a practical bottle.

– We are proud of the color of our oil, as it is a testament to the oil’s freshness and natural levels of antioxidants. That is why we use a clear UV-protected bottle with a practical pump to make sure that the oil stays fresh, and that it is easy for you to secure a correct dosage for your pet, without spilling, says Thuen.

Valuing customer feedback there is also a dedicated testimonial site on to show some of the great customer feedback Brilliant Salmon Oil has recieved.

Brilliant starts with the purest of natural raw materials: Atlantic salmon. The Atlantic salmon is harvested from fish farms located in the ice-cold fjords on the Western coast of Norway.

– By using high quality raw materials, we are able to produce a fresh and all-natural salmon oil, like no other, says Thuen.

Brilliant focus on a sustainable and traceable production process, because the end product needs to hold the highest possible quality.