HBC The Deep Dive: OmeGo® under the microscope

Hofseth BioCare’s OmeGo® has underlined its position as the only commercially available fish oil to deliver all the nutritional benefits of consuming whole salmon. A recent study found the one-of-a-kind salmon oil to have superior anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to traditional fish oil supplementation, as well as offer unique anti-allergenic benefits of a newly identified lipopeptide.

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The research revealed that unlike traditional fish oils, the gentle enzymatic liberation of OmeGo® avoids damage to the various polyunsaturated fatty acid and peptide elements. The result? High-performing, premium bioactive marine ingredients providing a myriad of potent and clinically-proven health benefits beyond omega-3, including better lung, cardiovascular, joint and cognitive function.

Here, Dr Crawford Currie, Head of Medical R&D at Hofseth BioCare, takes a deep dive into the latest findings and what they mean for the nutraceutical industry.

Describe the objective of this study in 50 words or less.

Populations who have fish-dominant diets tend to have much lower levels of allergic disorders, like asthma, eczema, and hay fever. OmeGo® is close proxy with whole fish; minimally processed, fresh, and of high quality. Our objective was to further categorise the broad, important health benefits and anti-allergenic properties of OmeGo®.

Tell us more…

What we know from whole fish consumption is that the different constituents of the oil are metabolised by the body into various specialised pro-resolving mediators, helping the body resolve inflammation, rebalance the immune system and promote healthy aging.

Based on two animal models of eosinophilic inflammation, this study examined Type 2 inflammation but focused mainly on the allergenic inflammation pathway. For people with allergies, the immune system can be incorrectly activated, causing inflammation, such as swelling, irritation, redness and pain. This underlying mechanism can be triggered by exposure to anything from pollen to house dust mites. We looked at this type of inflammation and how we can rebalance the immune system – and this study suggests that OmeGo® succeeds in this objective, where other oils fail.

In summary, these findings strengthen the growing bank of evidence that fish oil derived from fresh, whole, minimally-processed salmon offers an extensive and varied health benefit profile, superior to traditional supplementation widely available on the market today.

What challenges do OmeGo® overcome and what promise does it hold for influencing health outcomes?

There is growing awareness amongst consumers of the health benefits and longevity associated with eating fresh fish but also a recognition that many diets are not ‘fish-rich’ enough to reap these benefits. Consumers therefore turn to fish oil supplements. However, most fish oil is heavily processed and concentrates on just one or two elements of whole fish, such as omega-3 – so the benefits are limited at best and wholly ineffective at worst.

There are three key ways in which OmeGo® is different and significantly more beneficial than oils such as cod liver oil/omega-3 oil and krill oil.

The first is the input – we only use fresh additive, antibiotic and GMO-free Norwegian Atlantic salmon off-cuts, which are processed immediately after catching and fileting, close to the fjordside. This means less handling and less oxidation. As a result, the value of the omegas is retained in its entirety – rather than greatly diminished before the fish reaches the shore, which you see with traditional methods. This minimal oxidation also ensures the oil does not have an unappealing smell, taste or colour.

Secondly, unlike traditional fish oils, the unique and gentle enzymatic liberation of OmeGo® avoids damage to the various polyunsaturated fatty acid and lipopeptide elements, so the significant anti-inflammatory effects and anti-allergenic properties associated with whole fresh fish, which influence better health outcomes, are preserved.

Thirdly, the combination of the high grade, fresh input and gentle manufacturing process means that the oil has an impressive four-year shelf life, with nothing added. Other oils often include additives, such as Vitamin E, as the natural stability is damaged through high temperature, pressure or oxidisation, which greatly reduces the associated health benefits. However, with OmeGo®, all the goodness in the oil remains intact and it maintains natural stability – so not only does the product look, taste and perform better, it lasts longer too.

What do the findings of this study mean for consumers, when combined with previous research?

OmeGo® is the closest consumers can get to eating fresh, whole fish. As it captures all the nutritional components, consumers don’t lose out on any health benefits; helping to support better heart health, better lung health, better joint health and better cognitive function.

At the same time, consumers are increasingly looking for products made from sustainable ingredients with transparent supply chains. Our end-to-end, “fjord-to-final package” traceability system provides visibility over our entire process, ensuring consistent product quality, zero waste integrity and clean label confidence.

OmeGo® ticks all of the conscious consumer’s boxes, meeting demand for optimal nutritional performance with minimal processing and ecological impact.

What does this mean for the nutraceutical industry?

OmeGo®’s unmatched potency, unrivalled health benefits and fjord-to-shore sourcing present ground-breaking opportunities for nutraceutical manufacturers looking to disrupt the market with natural, sustainable – and most importantly – effective ingredients.

A deep gorge exists in the market for high-performing, multi-purpose supplementation. The current market offering is largely made up of singular-focused oils, which leverage omega-3 as the principal element. Omega-3, while important, makes up only a fraction of the fish and the full potential of the fish is, therefore, unfulfilled.

We are committed to bridging that gap, bringing all the benefits of consuming whole salmon, without compromise, through fresh innovations steeped in heritage, forged by nature, unlocked by science.

Further studies into OmeGo®’s powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties are in the pipeline and we are confident that this pure and proven oil will play a pivotal role in paving the way for a new era in nutritional health.

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