HBC strengthens capacity on regulatory affairs

HBC has appointed Dr Zubair Hussain as Senior Regulatory Consultant from September 2021.

Dr Hussain has over 25 years’ experience in regulatory affairs and has held senior global roles in big pharma, including at Pfizer and Novartis. He has significant experience working with the FDA and EMA –European Medicines Agency– throughout the development process and subsequent lifecycle management.

One of his first actions with HBC has been to apply and gain approval of “SME status” at the EMA. This will enable HBC to seek scientific advice from the EMA and gain benefits offered to small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) during development activities. Dr Hussain is also working on expanding the claims for HBC’s products by leveraging existing clinical data.

HBC currently has unique structure function claims from the US FDA and qualified health claims from Health Canada for ProGo® focused on benefits such as the maintenance of ferritin & haemoglobin, energy, gut inflammation, and iron absorption rates.

Head of Medical R&D at HBC, Dr Crawford Currie says: “There are strong reasons to believe there are several new and unique claims that can be made for ProGo®. Furthermore, HBC believes that a number of new claims can be made for CalGo®and OmeGo®, utilising existing data. Dr Hussain will bring invaluable experience to help commercialise the existing offering swiftly to market.”

Dr Zubair Hussain says: “I am delighted to contribute to the journey in taking HBC to the next level, particularly as we accelerate to commercialise and shift from commoditised animal feed markets, towards much higher value human and pet supplement markets. I believe the addition of strategic regulatory leadership will help maximise HBC's commercial potential."