Global retailer giant to sell HBC-product

A food and health supplement for pets made by Hofseth BioCare is now available in outlets across the UK, Spain, Iceland and online.

This retail distribution agreement with a global leading club store is an important milestone for Hofseth BioCare in its efforts for global distribution of Brilliant Salmon Oil™. The launch has started very successfully, and in-store incentive promotions will start at the end of the month to raise even more awareness.

Kai Morten Thuen, Hofseth BioCare ASA’s Head of Sales & Marketing states, “This is an honor and great recognition for our company. We are thrilled to enter this retail agreement with one of the most well-renowned global retailers, known for their rigorous quality standards. It further accelerates our growth strategy for our pet care market flagship product, Brilliant Salmon Oil.”

Available in 1000 stores in the US and Canada
Furthermore, in the last three months, HBC has signed up seven more distributors in the US and Canada, covering most of North America. Brilliant Salmon Oil™ first entered a US store in April of this year and will be available in over 1000 stores by the end of September. The speed of this success, despite a COVID-19 market slowdown, is seen as very encouraging and outpaces our expectations.