Dr. Tanja Schaffer joins HBC to lead new Swiss operation

Dr. Schaffer will lead the build-up of the operations in HBC Switzerland, next to the development of the global ingredients business.

HBC hires Dr. Tanja Schaffer as Executive Vice President for HBC’s Global Ingredients division and as CEO of HBC's new Swiss subsidiary HBC Switzerland GmbH.

Dr. Schaffer’s leadership is part of a wider strategy to commercialise and grow the branded ingredients business. Strategically located in Switzerland, geographically located in the centre of Europe and a global capital for life-sciences, food, and ingredients.

HBC believes there is a huge potential to develop the sales of sustainable human grade ingredients in multiple categories including clinical nutrition, women’s health and fertility, GI health and sports nutrition.

A presence in Switzerland will benefit HBC's partnerships with leading global players based in the country as well as enable HBC to offer talents and experienced professionals’ opportunities to engage with HBC outside of Norway.

This recruitment is an extraordinary opportunity
Dr. Schaffer is a highly accomplished commercial leader with over 15 years’ experience at taking scientific ingredients to market. She holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Regensburg in Germany.

“Hiring Tanja Schaffer is an extraordinary opportunity for HBC, and we are delighted to have her onboard. Hiring a senior leader directly from one of the world’s leading global ingredients market expansion teams, with such specialised product knowledge and sales experience is testament to the opportunity that HBC offers its customers.”, says Roger Hofseth.

For the last seven years she has held the position of VP of Global Pharmaceuticals Industry within DKSH, where she was responsible for 26 sales teams globally, four sourcing teams and several applications laboratories.

“I am very happy to join the great team of Hofseth Biocare and getting the opportunity to further develop the market for HBC’s innovative, sustainable and science-based products. I believe the product have enormous market potential to be sold globally across multiple channels in both food applications and medical nutrition“, says Dr. Tanja Schaffer:

The operations of HBC Switzerland GmbH will initially deliver services to HBC related to marketing, sales and organization development.