Could salmon oil work as treatment of COVID-19 patients?

Hofseth Biocare and Candian research institute to do fast track study.


Studies show that salmon oil proteins from Hofseth Biocare can work well for asthma patients. The company is now embarking on a fast track study to document the effect the oil can also help save lives among COVID-19 patients with difficulty breathing.

Hofseth Biocare has already made patent-protected laboratory tests that show that the company's unique salmon oil contains fat-soluble components that cushion airway inflammation in asthma patients. The company is already in the process of documenting these effects.

At the same time, Hofseth Biocare is currently embarking on a comprehensive, parallel, design effort to determine if the product can also save lives among COVID-19 patients. In collaboration with the Canadian research institute KGK Science and a reputed US hospital, the company aims to start a phase 2 study before the summer of 2020.

"There is an urgent need to develop treatment methods for COVID-19 patients. Previous trials indicate that our product OmeGo® can have a positive effect on asthma. At the same time, it is well known from the United States, Italy and China that many COVID-19 patients have difficulty breathing and die from underlying diseases, such as chronic asthma. That's why we take advantage of the opportunity to run a fast-track process, and go directly to a Phase 2 trial to find out if we can help save lives among COVID-19 patients, "says Jon Olav Ødegård in Hofseth Biocare.

Initially, Hofseth Biocare is planning a study of 100 COVID-19 patients who are former smokers and have had lung problems in the past. Parts of the population will receive standard treatment, while the other participants in the trial will receive Hofseth Biocare's OmeGo® CARDIO softgel capsules containing pure, natural salmon oil produced from salmon cuts at the company's high-tech factory in Midsund, north of Ålesund. The goal is to reduce the number of patients who need respiratory assistance, for example in the form of a respirator, and to reduce the total number of days of artificial respiration and intensive care. If the first data is promising, the trial could escalate to phase 3 with 600 patients.

The COVID-19 trials come in addition to Hofseth Biocare's already extensive portfolio of scientific trials aimed at documenting the salmon oil's positive health effects. The company's existing asthma study will continue with full force. The goal in the existing research program is to start clinical trials in phase 1 in 2021.