Another step from fish to pharma

Dr. Erland Hermansen will take the company's medical research one step further.
Erland Hermansen 2 Tony Hall for Web

Hofseth BioCare strengthens research competence and capacity by appointing experienced chief physician and researcher, Dr. Erland Hermansen as Medical Director of Clinical Development.

“I have faith in the medical potential of Hofseth BioCare's products. The company has a number of ongoing and very exciting research projects, and I look forward to being part of taking the company over to the next phase”, says Dr. Hermansen.

Dr. Hermansen comes from the position as chief physician at Helse Møre og Romsdal HF, and was head of the surgical department at the hospital in Ålesund.

“We will investigate the actual health effects that comes from our products even more thoroughly. Soon we will be in the process of isolating and concentrating particularly promising compounds in the products, and researching more thoroughly the health effects of these”, says Dr. Hermansen.

Dr. Hermansen will be in charge of developing clinical studies, to discover and document the health effects Hofseth BioCare products are having on people.

“We are very pleased with this appointment. Dr. Hermansen has expertise in medical research, a field where we have great ambitions. He has previously led major research projects with extensive clinical studies.”, says Jon Olav Ødegård, CFO of Hofseth BioCare.

Dr. Hermansen has worked at Helse Møre og Romsdal HF for 20 years and has in almost 9 of these years led the work on a national study at 18 hospitals in Norway. The study included over 1000 patients and aims to investigate surgical techniques.

“In recent years, we have built up research collaborations with world-leading universities and hospitals, and we simply needed more competence and capacity in this field”, Ødegård says.

Dr. Hermansen holds a PhD from the University of Bergen.