Reasons to invest

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Unique production process for salmon oil, preserving quality and and a range of valuable compounds with proven health benefits:

  • Patented enzymatic hydrolysis process uniquely extracting the product from raw material at low temperatures, leaving a range of compounds with health benefits intact
  • Well established, high volume production process in place in Norwegian plants
  • Stable sourcing of high quality raw material from Hofseth International, one of the largest producers of salmon in Norway

Multi-stage long term value creation potential with potential to move into medical treatment

  • Sales mix to progressively move from Feed to high margin Human grade end product
  • Potential to establish JVs and licensing agreements to utilize proprietary Enzymatic Hydrolysis technology & manufacturing to convert low value off-cuts from all marine species to high value products
  • Indications of a range of therapeutic benefits creating potential to establish future collaboration with large cap pharmaceutical corporation
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World class R&D with diversified pipeline including research programmes on asthma, COVID 19 and gastro

  • Successful lab work, indicating a link between components in our salmon oil and treating eosinophilic asthma
  • Ongoing fast track study for treatment of COVID-19 patients that are currently asthmatics of former smokers
  • Ongoing pre-clinical studies initiated with primary focus on documenting indications of positive effect gastrointestinal (GI) inflammation
  • Potential for claiming first nutraceutical label for correcting iron deficiency with no iron containing treatment
  • Close relationships with leading research organizations, like Stanford School of Medicine. Clinical trials at leading North American hospitals
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Established cash generative business model based on high value nutrition products

  • Health products like ProGo®, salmon protein hydrolysate containing a mix of bioactive peptides, OmeGo®, fresh, unprocessed fish oil containing all the natural elements of fish oil, and CalGO®, marine bone powder containing all the natural elements of bone – hydroxyapatite, collagen and trace elements
  • Sold on the domestic and global market through in-house distribution and partnerships
  • Cash flow from established business model is funding source for further research
  • Visionary founder and anchor shareholder Roger Hofseth controlling the largest processing capacity of Atlantic salmon as part of a USD 500 million revenue private seafood group.
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Strong ESG profile, value enhancing waste from the salmon industry

  • Utilizing close to 100% of the off-cuts from the salmon industry
  • Energy efficient production process fuelled by renewable energy