From raw material to ingredients

Our patented technology

By using our patented enzymatic hydrolysis process we are able to process large amounts of raw material into human grade ingredients – capable of amazing things
Step 1

Fresh raw material arrive at our factory

Fresh raw material is the key to maximize the quality on the end product. Our precious raw material is transported directly from our own suppliers factories, in our own certified bins, several times a day to ensure optimal flow of fresh off-cuts.

Step 2

First steps

After quality inspection in our lab, head, backbone and skin are minced before being fed into the hydrolysis tank. A metal detector is in place to keep foreign material from entering.

Step 3

Our proprietary process begins

15 years of R&D, patents and trade secrets make up our unique process. Raw material, water and enzymes with carefully monitoring av time and temperature becomes our BioCare-BASE that we use to separate our ingredients.

Kai Morten Thuen
Proudly, we say "This Is Different!" Our approach to research, our technology and our products sets us apart from any comparable companies. Different raw material, different process, different products and different benefits. We strive to live by, and highlight this difference. Kai Morten Thuen Head of Sales & Marketing

Calcium bone powder is the first one out

The heavy calcium is separated through the bottom of the hydrolysis tanks. From there it is washed, grounded and packaged.

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Fresh unrefined salmon oil

The BASE now consists of salmon oil and peptides. The salmon oil is separated in its natural triglyceride state, without any antioxidants added.

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ProGo® and CollaGo®

Pure salmon peptides and collagen

Free from fat and ash, the remaining soluble peptides contain more than 97 % protein and more than 25 % collagen along with a series of highly unique bioavailable effects.

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